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We offer Aquatic BodyworkThai Couples Massage and Table Massage.  You can receive any of those individually or our favorite is a 2 hour session that combines starting with the Aquatic Bodywork followed by either Thai Couples Massage or a traditional side by side table massage.

Both the Aquatic Bodywork and Thai Couples Massage are more experiential than they are focused on specific issues going on in your body.  Though we can give some specialized attention to trouble spots, both of these modalities are about having a bonding experience together as a couple.

A session could also focus instruction on how to give your partner basic massage techniques. Integrating massage in your relationship will create the healing attention you desire, exploring how to simply ask for that needed attention and receive it.

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What People Are Saying

“Brian and Kasia create a wonderful environment for couples to bond through receiving massage together. This experience is a rare and beautiful way to deepen partnership connection”

Sige Weisman

Women & Couples Counselor, www.SFWomensTherapy.com

“My husband and I got a Thai Couples and Aquatic bodywork session. It took me to another world. A magical one!” 

Ashyanna Keli Rodriguez

Chiropractor, www.TheCentralBody.com

“I just received Brian’s aquatic-based bodywork, and it was one of the finest healing highlights of the year for me.”

Andrew Tannehill

Owner/Operator, www.TableNectar.com

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